PDR Techs Are Afraid to Publicize Their Pricing.. Here’s Why.

Recently, I have been making a conscious decision about making my pricing public. I have been either verbally mentioning or just adding text on top of my before and afters. I’ll get to my results and if it’s making any difference or not later.

Before I get into all the above.. I’m wondering why is it such a secret? Why can’t our customers become educated about the base pricing of PDR? Why don’t more techs or any PDR techs put pricing on their before and after work?

To me.. it attracts all types of customers. Tire kickers in general. I mean so many techs tell stories about customers asking for a cheap price, how easy it’s going to be and so on. Doesn’t anyone want just good customers who are educated and familiar with “real pdr pricing?” It can happen and you are the only one that can help yourself. More about that soon.

I think pdr techs are afraid because of two things. They don’t want their competition low balling them. Second they think they will lose business because they are scaring the possible customer they could service.

I know because I use to think like that. It’s amazing what our minds tell us. Made up, hypothetical road blocks. We’ve been doing it for years. Conditioned to do it to ourselves over and over. Cheating ourselves from the real value of what our service is worth.

Of course it’s easy to explain. You don’t believe in your own self value. Now I didn’t say skill. I know you are probably a more than capable technician. However, most likely you have been taught to create a price based on time it will take and guessing how much you will or won’t struggle.

Your PDR “business” not job, needs a routine. It needs to stay in shape to maintain a lean, profitable and systemized business. It starts with a price guide. And just like anything else that gets results, you must get consistent.

What kind of customer do you want? Or what kind of market you want to be in? High end or low end? Because you can’t be both. You know why? You’ll confuse yourself and your brand. More importantly, you’re confusing your customers. You’re also diluting your brand if you flip flop.

Treat your business like you are going to the gym. Consistently brand it a certain way. If you are a PDR company that likes to service customers with highline cars, build that niche. Build that image.

A good way to help get your brand and image noticed is do things as professional as you can by educating them from ground up. And pricing is one of them.

Hey, I don’t care if you rather go after the low end market. If you’re pricing is $50 for a door ding (I hope not) then tell the world what your typical door ding starts at. Believe me, you’ll attract that customer in no time. Personally, I’d rather work less and make more.

Now back to my own results. I’m going to say it’s been amazing. I don’t have as many customers “surprised” at my pricing. Why? Because they check my social media. I am building a brand that we are Real quality, Real value. Real fast. 3 things customers want to know and mainly they want to know more what pdr is and how much is it?

It’s mind blowing we haven’t’ figured this out years and years ago. It works. It’s real. Try it. Educate your customers about your capabilities, the benefits, cost and convenience. That’s what your customers been wanting to know.

Remember, be consistent. Believe in yourself, the value of your service and the rest is history.

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