Is Your PDR Company Boring

Do you feel your paintless dent removal company is too stagnant? Boring? No identity? No excitement?

Yeah, I know how you feel. You see I change my brand, look, logo and website often. Do I have to? Yes. Do I have to as often as I do? Hell no. I’m just a person who like to be different as much as possible.

Do I recommend you to do any of the above? Hell yes. Especially if you feel your company is boring.

Why don’t you start with an updated logo? It’s the most influential way to stimulate your company identity and you as a business owner. Like your logo? Fine, what about new colors, or more depth, shine, dimension?

Every now and then, you should concentrate and challenge yourself to make your PDR company stand out. Make sure you are moving forward and not just floating and bobbing like trash in open sea. Have direction. Write stuff down you know that would have a strong impact on your company and how you can stand out for your potential customer.

Owning a PDR company takes lots of time in the backend. That means it doesn’t just end when you get home. After family and dinner, it’s time to get down. Work harder on what matters to your company and show the world what your PDR company is about.

Below, I created a 52 second video. It’s a short but “grabs your attention” PDR video. Kicking a dent in a car can be shocking. However, when you kick a dent in a fender slow motion, it’s like holding the viewers attention in slow motion.

You need to have a wow factor in all of your content, designs, videos, stationary, website and on and on.

Get motivated and rejuvenated about your paintless dent repair company. I know this might sound goofy, but you need to really visualize how much more successful your PDR company can be. EVERY successful person already sees themselves successful before it became reality.

All I’m saying is work on one thing and start with something that will make an impact on multiple levels. Boring will no longer be your style.

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