Build Brand Not Price

Your company identity is the most important aspect of your paintless dent repair business. I see so many PDR companies promote price instead of their brand. You don’t buy a Mercedes because they are having a tent sale? You are buying it because you understand their brand is about the quality of the vehicle. Why can’t you build your PDR company the same?

If you are in business, you need to make a profit. To stay in business, you need to build a brand that people trust and will be loyal. There are two types of markets. The low end market and the high end market. Which one are you in? You can’t be both. Why? Because then you are defeating the purpose. You’re trying to build a brand but at the same time diluting it too.

You need to visualize what kind of image you want your customers to feel about your company. Are you a cheap alternative to a body shop? Are you a high quality paintless dent removal service? Are you both? You have to be careful how you introduce your service. People associate cheap with easy and not good quality. Even though most know you really can’t have both. Instead sell the “quality” of your service not the cost. If you provide over the top service along with high quality PDR repairs, you’re now building a brand. And that my friends is how you should run a business while building the identity of your brand.



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