Being The Best PDR Tech

There are a lot of factors to becoming the best PDR tech. But is there such a title? The real question should be do you do your best on complex dents and can you improve to be even better? Or do you give up easy? Maybe your training was too short? Maybe because you charged too low? Maybe you bit more than you could chew? Maybe it was your thinking?

Paintless dent removal as I mentioned years ago.. and yes I personally came up with the slogan (in case you are wondering) It’s not just a job.. It’s an art. Art? Why? Because it’s your personal stamp on a panel. Your concentrated pushes, taps and pulls transform twisted, deep or even wrinkled metal into a smooth and s flat surface. It’s really amazing if you think about it.

However, what does it take to do that? Good training? Good tools? Patience? All of the above? Well if you said all of the above, you are almost right. That’s a recipe for a good tech indeed. But I said the best. What’s really left out and unfortunately you can’t teach this. It’s called “the drive.” A determination you can’t help but to be great at what you do. I don’t think everyone starts out doing PDR with the same passion. Some develop it later on after they start believing in themselves. It’s true because I was one of those guys.

When I was younger in 1991 (19 years old) I didn’t have drive to be the best. I had drive to make money and take girls out on dates. Later on passion shifted my thinking and caring about what I soon fell in love with. The great thing about PDR is that I feel I have never worked a day in my life. I get paid for what I love and make a great living. This is also the formula to becoming the best. Best in the world? Not sure but I guarantee most of the top PDR techs in the world do have the characteristics of what I’ve been describing.

My last point is it doesn’t matter if you really are the best in the world or not. What really matters is that you try your best to be the best tech you can. Don’t walk away from a dent knowing you could have spent more time, or pulled the bumper cover off, removed the door, glue pulled or whatever. Imagine there are 50 pdr techs watching and judging your work. When you walk away from a repair, are you second guessing you could have done better? That my friend is the formula to being the best. You can only answer that question truthfully yourself.

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