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Is Your PDR Company Boring

Do you feel your paintless dent removal company is too stagnant? Boring? No identity? No excitement? Yeah, I know how you feel. You see I change my brand, look, logo and website often. Do I have to? Yes. Do I have to as often as I do? Hell no. I’m just a person who like…

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Why I Upgrade My PDR Tools

I have to get something straight. I love new tools. Whether they are paintless dent repair tools or Snap On tools. I love them all. Tools are not going to make you a better tech right off the bat. However, they will if you take the time to really understand their purpose. For years in…

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Build Brand Not Price

Your company identity is the most important aspect of your paintless dent repair business. I see so many PDR companies promote price instead of their brand. You don’t buy a Mercedes because they are having a tent sale? You are buying it because you understand their brand is about the quality of the vehicle. Why…

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How Good Is A 2 Year PDR Tech?

When I started in paintless dent removal over 27 years ago since today, I really look back and realized the limited resources. I mean there was no internet, no forums, personal gatherings like (Mobile Tech Expo) or local guys who were willing to talk to you. IT WAS A SECRET! Oh and by the way,…

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Being The Best PDR Tech

There are a lot of factors to becoming the best PDR tech. But is there such a title? The real question should be do you do your best on complex dents and can you improve to be even better? Or do you give up easy? Maybe your training was too short? Maybe because you charged…

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