About Dent Time PDR Podcast

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Note: this podcast site was created to help you make a better decision with PDR training and marketing.

Welcome to Dent Time PDR. For years I have been asked what my personal PDR training is like? I really had no real way to explain other than to mention it's not easy as it appears.

I wanted to express that learning paintless dent removal isn't a 5 day short course and you're off to the races. So I felt after many years training and marketing, it was time to create my own podcast about PDR training.

My purpose is to educate you about the training process and share stories and journey's about my past students as well. PDR training is a huge financial commitment and more important a life decision. If you are going to spend that kind of money, you better know the truth about what you are getting into. Becuase it's not about just pushing dents. It's all on you. You must become to everyone. The technician, the business owner, the marketer, entrepreneur and much more.

So you see this pdr podscast is much more than training. It's about the journey.