96: Glue Pull Tech Tip : MTE Vegas Tools | Should There Be Another One?

0:00 start

2:10 MTE vegas who missed out?

9:04 Copy cat tool makers

13:00 PDR tool picks

19:51 Dual pane glass

24:59 tech tip: getting good pulls / Myke’s tools 

33:02 glue caddy

43:15 Daniels pdr tools

106:04 MTE takeaways

MTE Vegas 2021 was compact, friendly and organized. Hear what went on and was it worth going? Did the tool makers who didn’t go, miss out? 


Co Host  ? Joe Garcia from https://www.dentevo.com



Guest  ? Daniel Gromm  https://www.dentdynamics.net


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My name is Myke Toledo. I've been a passionate PDR technician and entrepreneur since 1991. Since then I have personally trained many to successfully start their own careers. It's my passion to educate the new generation how to keep the art of pdr going in a positive direction.

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