82: 11 Hour Porsche Big Smash Breakdown | Who’s Hot On Instagram |

? Watch the Vlogcast Here ?https://vimeo.com/508421610

We go over the importance of our “live” YouTube video

  • Why did we take an hour to go over price?
  • Would we do it again?
  • Tools make a real difference?
  • The got to pdr tools

Instagram Props

?  PDR Masters Video Beach Cities PDR video https://youtu.be/-o7jA_IznCg

?  Joe Garcia PDR Master Pt. 1 – https://youtu.be/wqtO2O82-Tg


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About the author, Myke

My name is Myke Toledo. I've been a passionate PDR technician and entrepreneur since 1991. Since then I have personally trained many to successfully start their own careers. It's my passion to educate the new generation how to keep the art of pdr going in a positive direction.

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