81: PDR Fails | Cheap Customer Replies | PDR Tools That Don’t Suck #2

PDR Fails – What I learned so you learn. PDR Tools that don’t suck and customer replies who want a cheaper cost.


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?  Videocast Watch Here  ?  https://vimeo.com/502940574


?  Anson Collison Cordless Glue Gun – https://ansonpdr.com/products/high-capacity-cordless-collision-glue-gun?_pos=1&_sid=cd49b4460&_ss=r

?  Lip Pliers – https://camautopro.com/en/products/pullers-lifters/90/lip-pliers/?page=2


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About the author, Myke

My name is Myke Toledo. I've been a passionate PDR technician and entrepreneur since 1991. Since then I have personally trained many to successfully start their own careers. It's my passion to educate the new generation how to keep the art of pdr going in a positive direction.

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