57: Justify Charging Drilled Holes | Locked Pressure Breakdown Technique | PDR Playground

Lots of all stars in this episode fellas. I talk to Paul Kordon about his price guide and big smash estimating.

Daniel Gromm breaks down how the PDR playground will work for you to try out your potential new PDR tools. 

And other surprise guests. 

Last but not least, tools I recommend you should buy first at MTE. 

A detailed breakdown of the latest big dents we are removing and how we are doing it with my PDR student. What challenges we came up against what learned. 

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About the author, Myke

My name is Myke Toledo. I've been a passionate PDR technician and entrepreneur since 1991. Since then I have personally trained many to successfully start their own careers. It's my passion to educate the new generation how to keep the art of pdr going in a positive direction.

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