56: Do Woman Make Good PDR Techs? | PDR Goals 2020| MTE Talk

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Podcast 56! So much content I can’t even fit into the title. Recently I trained 3 woman (dentaffect.com)for advanced PDR training. Are woman in general that good? You’ll hear my thoughts about before, during and after the training. Also you’ll hear from themselves as well. 

What are your PDR goals for 2020? Put those thoughts down and get after it! 

Mary my wife speaks about her journey to the PI islands and personally delivers the proceeds from the t-shirts. 

Also more and more woman getting involved at MTE. Why are we seeing more and more ladies attending.

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My name is Myke Toledo. I've been a passionate PDR technician and entrepreneur since 1991. Since then I have personally trained many to successfully start their own careers. It's my passion to educate the new generation how to keep the art of pdr going in a positive direction.

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